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Comme c'est magnifique ! En général, je déteste les dessins animés japonais, mais c'est une exception. J'ai regardé deux fois votre vidéo mais je ne m'ennuie pas du tout. D'abord, j'adore absolument la musique. Le monstre par lequel la ville a été détruite est un peu typique des dessins animés japonais, mais j'aime l'idée d'un héros qui tombe d'une ville perchée sur un arbre. Les dessins sont très beaux et je suis sûr qu'il vous a fallu beaucoup d'efforts pour produire une telle animation. Vous avez mérité les bons scores que vous avez gangné. Félicitations !

I don't mind the fact that the style has changed somewhat. The idea and concept is still the same as the one Pencimation I watched when I was ten. Although this is not the most innovative episode idea-wise (using drawing to create obstacles for the characters drawn, and a happy ending at the end) I loved the beginning where the main character jumped across holes. (Oh, and of course, the ending was sweet!)

By the way, I had no idea it was fifth Hungarian Dance until I read the description. It's a very unfamiliar arrangement - but of course, who can miss the do-do-re-do-ti-do lick, found in the Hungarian Dances and Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsodies?

captainmcross responds:

Whoops!! I wrote the wrong music in the credits. I'm actually working on another Pencilmation with that Brahms music, lol I need to rest... The music for this one is by a gypsy jazz band called The Black Market Trust.

Awesome animation that brought a smile to my face! :) Well executed with the video game GUI and a very nice story at this brevity. My only complaint is that the control panel had a curved edge, which was really weird. Well done!

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Now, contrary to what the users below have written, I do not believe this game to be original by any measure. Perhaps they were not familiar with the Flash gaming scene when Civiballs and Boombot were big names. These games don't have the same mechanics as this one, of course, but there were similar games around that time period that did. Even most of the elements, like disappearing tiles, are cookie-cutter elements that have been used for as long as we can remember.

Still, originality is not the sole factor with which I would judge a game. I think the game does offer us a good playing experience, and the time spent on this game is not time wasted. The level designs, while not crafted by a master in the art, are good. Dying after getting hit too many times and being able to jump midair are good touches as well, even if the latter might make the game a tad easier.

To conclude, no this isn't a bad game at all. I'd like to say the game has potential to be more, and it certainly has, but since this is the third instalment, I'm not sure what to expect in future episodes. With that said, the game does offer a pleasant gaming experience. For that, I give a 3.5. (The 0.5 is due to the bug where you can't move your box after you restart. I would have given a 4 otherwise.)

I think it's a very cute little ludum dare game. Certainly not one of those prototypes which may be on to something big, but cute nevertheless. I love the visual effects, and managed to finish the game without encountering any bugs. I loved the ending too. Thanks for the game! ^^

It's a great game. You're a great artist, and not a bad programmer either. It seems to me that you were testing out the capabilities of Adobe Flash, and ended up with a game of considerable scale.

Gameplay-wise, I love your concept. It takes a bit from several genres in existence, and I totally love your game idea. Level design was great, and the animations were awesome, too. The game is bug-free as far as I've played.

The main problem with this game (and with your RPG, which I've played yesterday) is that it is unpolished. When I say unpolished, I mean that the devil's in the details. For example, none of your buttons have hover or click states. The typeface of the dynamic text boxes does not match the general atmosphere of the game. (I'd suggest you do away with their borders and background colours too.) Then there's the positioning of the achievement boxes (which was a little sloppy, let's face it), the white edge in the Game Over screen, and bitmap artefacts in the 'Opps!' (should be spelt 'Oops' BTW) screen... These are trivialities, but they really determine how pro your game looks. The game also lacks juice. Watch this NG-recommended video for more about juice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy0aCDmgnxg&feature=kp

I'll be honest and tell you that the game is not likely to receive a good rating because of the reasons above. Don't be discouraged by that! You're clearly a promising emerging dev and I hope that by polishing your games further (perhaps you can polish this game and your RPG, and reupload both), your games will reach their maximum potential.

I know all this because I've gone through the same stage as you (I've made a game similar to yours, but it's not posted on NG and I've lost the file anyway). Good luck on your game dev journey! ^^

kaizen101 responds:

Thank you! I will keep those in mind, I will do my best to become better at this, and to give more time to polished it... (though time is not in my side)

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Sorry for taking so long to review. I've been listening to the piece since the day you sent the PM, but I didn't get round to reviewing until now...

I agree, you conveyed the emotions very well. I think there's quite a bit of loneliness in there, isolation, even, perhaps, except near the end.

The ending just left me wishing there were more... I don't know what you were trying to do with the ending, but it sounded like there was more to come.

Thanks for all your amazing music. :)

Wow, just wow.

I've been following the Classical section of the AP on a nearly daily basis. This has got to be the best piece I've heard for a year. The final part was awesome and unexpected, and I really loved your skilful use of different instruments. You set up the mood really well, and I can really vision a forest of animals co-existing harmoniously. I just wish there were more!

I do have a small complaint: that you could have removed the occasional 'dissonant' spots. I think your piece would be better off without them. That's just my opinion though.

Again, this was one awesome piece. Congratulations, sir, and thank you.

overwhelming12 responds:

The dissonant part just happens to be a habit I'm used to use whenever I was playing piano or just making music for experiments...I think I placed it there as an accident due to my enjoyment of 20th century styled pieces..oh well, Ill make sure to be more careful next time! (I almost forgot not many people enjoy dissonant tones..)

Thank you for listening and appreciating my music!

It's really soothing and peaceful, and I really loved the whole piece and the way you presented it. It's great to see that you seem to be taking a break from the ecstatic pieces - not saying they're bad, but they were getting a little too similar to each other.

I still think your modulations are a little weird. I guess that's a matter of personal taste, but I think it sounds quite abrupt in a soothing piece; seems to interrupt your flow a little bit. Also, I think bass could be a little softer at 1:20. Apart from these small complaints, I think it was perfect! 5/5 9/10.

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