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Sorry for taking so long to review. I've been listening to the piece since the day you sent the PM, but I didn't get round to reviewing until now...

I agree, you conveyed the emotions very well. I think there's quite a bit of loneliness in there, isolation, even, perhaps, except near the end.

The ending just left me wishing there were more... I don't know what you were trying to do with the ending, but it sounded like there was more to come.

Thanks for all your amazing music. :)

Wow, just wow.

I've been following the Classical section of the AP on a nearly daily basis. This has got to be the best piece I've heard for a year. The final part was awesome and unexpected, and I really loved your skilful use of different instruments. You set up the mood really well, and I can really vision a forest of animals co-existing harmoniously. I just wish there were more!

I do have a small complaint: that you could have removed the occasional 'dissonant' spots. I think your piece would be better off without them. That's just my opinion though.

Again, this was one awesome piece. Congratulations, sir, and thank you.

overwhelming12 responds:

The dissonant part just happens to be a habit I'm used to use whenever I was playing piano or just making music for experiments...I think I placed it there as an accident due to my enjoyment of 20th century styled pieces..oh well, Ill make sure to be more careful next time! (I almost forgot not many people enjoy dissonant tones..)

Thank you for listening and appreciating my music!

It's really soothing and peaceful, and I really loved the whole piece and the way you presented it. It's great to see that you seem to be taking a break from the ecstatic pieces - not saying they're bad, but they were getting a little too similar to each other.

I still think your modulations are a little weird. I guess that's a matter of personal taste, but I think it sounds quite abrupt in a soothing piece; seems to interrupt your flow a little bit. Also, I think bass could be a little softer at 1:20. Apart from these small complaints, I think it was perfect! 5/5 9/10.

Excellent piece! I knew from the first few seconds that I had to download this (the NG player plays some very choppy music on my computer). I liked your use of percussion (or lack thereof)! Overall, the piece is very lively and I love it for that. My only complaint is the same as UlisesH's: the modulation was a little abrupt. I'd like to hear more pieces of this kind!

This is a great piece! However, I think the 'ah's at the beginning are a little odd and the ending was a bit abrupt. Other than that, I very much enjoyed this song.

I love the piano!

This song is great! I especially love the piano part. I can sense that the feeling comes from deep inside the heart. Yet I do agree with TheJukeBoxIsBroken that the percussion should not have been included.


I've been listening to this for an hour now. It's great!


Excuse the cliché. Words can't describe how great this masterpiece is. To me, I think it's rising up after a downfall, or catastrophe, seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It's touching, not depressing. It's perfect in its present form. I'm not implying that you shouldn't make it into beta and finish it; I'm just saying that since this piece is brilliant in its alpha form, it will be epic in its final.


It's really pleasant! It must be the best piece of music I've listen to on the Portal so far.

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