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Comme c'est magnifique ! En général, je déteste les dessins animés japonais, mais c'est une exception. J'ai regardé deux fois votre vidéo mais je ne m'ennuie pas du tout. D'abord, j'adore absolument la musique. Le monstre par lequel la ville a été détruite est un peu typique des dessins animés japonais, mais j'aime l'idée d'un héros qui tombe d'une ville perchée sur un arbre. Les dessins sont très beaux et je suis sûr qu'il vous a fallu beaucoup d'efforts pour produire une telle animation. Vous avez mérité les bons scores que vous avez gangné. Félicitations !

I don't mind the fact that the style has changed somewhat. The idea and concept is still the same as the one Pencimation I watched when I was ten. Although this is not the most innovative episode idea-wise (using drawing to create obstacles for the characters drawn, and a happy ending at the end) I loved the beginning where the main character jumped across holes. (Oh, and of course, the ending was sweet!)

By the way, I had no idea it was fifth Hungarian Dance until I read the description. It's a very unfamiliar arrangement - but of course, who can miss the do-do-re-do-ti-do lick, found in the Hungarian Dances and Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsodies?

captainmcross responds:

Whoops!! I wrote the wrong music in the credits. I'm actually working on another Pencilmation with that Brahms music, lol I need to rest... The music for this one is by a gypsy jazz band called The Black Market Trust.

Awesome animation that brought a smile to my face! :) Well executed with the video game GUI and a very nice story at this brevity. My only complaint is that the control panel had a curved edge, which was really weird. Well done!

Interesting trailer; I like the way you changed scenes. Of course, the scenes themselves also look exciting! I was wondering if the giant bird was influenced by the vermilion bird in Chinese mythology?

rhys510 responds:

Thanks, The bird sadly isnt - The name of the game was recently changed to vermillion to prevent any hastle from people with red hair as the name was "Red Head" and was clearly an issue but the bird boss was the first thing that i could think of for a forest boss so we used that :P

Needs explanation

Although I appreciate the effort in making the AS required, I don't think this is helpful to new AS programmers because of its lack of explanation. One might think any movie clip with an instance name of 'Walls' cannot be walked into.

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